How Easy Can Your Customers Buy From You?

Here’s a screen shot of my personal delivery coming to me this morning from Amazon Now.  I ordered at 6:00am online for same-day delivery, selected my delivery window, and a window opened up with live tracking of my order on the vehicle as it approaches my home.  I selected a 8-10am time slot and now at 8:40am as it gets close I received a text update.

Is it easier for your customer to buy Keurig refills, or in my case–a watch, than it is that last unit of 2X4’s?

Or how about placing an order on your portal?

Or reaching a friendly customer service representative quickly?

The big boys in most industries are getting a lot of things right, a lot of things righted, and a lot of things right now.

Questions for you:

  1. Are you going to invest to catch up?
  2. Package and market yourself for acquisition?
  3. Or do nothing and disappear?