You-“We Have 13 Locations”…Them-“Who Cares?”

Thirteen manufacturing plants. And a map of where they are. This is the cool slide in our presentation or page in our brochure that we love because it shows how “big we are.”

“Me me me. Look at me and how big I am.”

Or this one. “We have a precision engineered shank to within 1/64″ tolerance.” Or “This goes on in one application whereas competitors require two.” Or “Our product is 35 percent more energy-efficient than the next leading brand.”

What’s the common thread in all these approaches?

Answer: They just tell a story about you. Not your customer.

This problem is as old as the hills and yet I bet your current pitch, brochure, or presentation includes plenty of it.

So change it.

  • “Your projects won’t be held up by order lead-times because our plants are located around the country to provide 3-day shipping to every major metro market in the country.”
  • “Customers who use our shanks find they can double the service time of their assemblies which can save an average of 60 hours of labor per year–with a payback of just 8 weeks.”
  • “Your painters can get an average of two additional completions per day with our one-coat system which can reduce your sales cycle by 10 days–allowing you to increase your cash flow as much as 20%.”
  • “Users like you can pocket anywhere between $120 and $375 per year with our 35% better energy efficiency.”

Now it’s your turn. How are you going to change your sales presentations?