What We Can Do

Balancing Growth with Customer DelightIt happens. Acme buys Globex. Or Initech merges with Massive Dynamic.  And then you’ve got this huge company. Combined cultures, technology, and processes.

So the integration work begins.  It’s incredibly difficult work but also incredibly rewarding as the new entity becomes more efficient, increases the shadow it casts in the industry, and paves the way to reward the owners or shareholders.

It’s at this point that the new, larger business can inadvertently place an unbalanced level of attention on “itself.”  Focus on the customer can be at risk.

The good news is…YOU can impact this for the better.  Everyone one of us, no matter the position we have with our company…can go out of our way to “delight” customers everywhere we touch them.

As they take their seat on our plane.

As we answer the phone to take their order.

As we respond to a complaint about a product.

As we load a product into a customer’s vehicle or make a delivery.

As we take time just to reach out to them and listen to their needs of us.

We can be an impact.  The difference. The ones to bring “customer delight” to our customer’s experience with us.  Whether we’re a customer service person, a counter clerk, a field tech, accounts receivable specialist, or salesperson.  We can make every interaction between our company and a customer a great experience.  Every one of us can help our company maintain it’s edge while our leaders on the executive floor are working on making the machine work better.

p.s. Note to the executive leaders, it’d probably be a good idea if you helped out here too.