The Most Surefire Method to Set Goals

Take time to plan for the really important things in your life. You’ve heard that any times I’m sure. Years ago, I participated in a goal setting experience that changed my life and how I committed to set goals for myself, thanks to Tony Robbins. I’d read about the importance of writing down your goals and had even listened to many audio programs make the same recommendation.

It wasn’t until Tony’s goal setting audio session I listened to where he actually lead the listener through a goal setting session in real-time that I wrote my first lists. It was effective because he got me committed right there and then to get out paper and pen and start writing.

So, go download the Robbins goal setting program or just follow these instructions and set aside time NOW to do it. The most important aspect is to set the time aside and do it–don’t shelve it as a “good idea” for what you have the time.

So start now.

1. What goals will you set for the year? For your family? For yourself? What type of trips will you take? What things will you hope to acquire? Who do you want to spend time with? What events do you want to go see? What new things do you want to experience? Its true that most people spend more time planning their summer vacations than they do planning their lives in the year ahead. Don’t let that happen. Make time to think of and plan for the most important things in your life. The next item below is a way to take the first steps toward this plan.

2. Set aside 1-2 hours, get a pen and paper, and make some lists. Think in terms of 3 areas:

THINGS (What items you want to buy, acquire, own, and obtain?)

FINANCIAL (How much you want to earn, how much you will save, etc?.)

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT (What you will do to invest in yourself and your purpose?)

Then, begin writing your first list—focusing what you wish to achieve in 1 year or less. What Things do you want to obtain, buy, or receive? Make a list of all of them. Then do the same for Financial. How much you wish to earn, what you’ll save, and how much you’ll have in your savings account at the end of the year. Finally, think about you Personal Development plans for the upcoming year. Read more? How many books? Which ones? Take a class? What type? Devote time to your church or a community cause? Will you exercise? How much will you weigh? What sport will you play? Will you write a letter to an old friend? Or two?

Do the same for 2 years or less. Answer the same 3 questions: Things, Financial, and Personal Development. Next, do this for the period of 5 years or less. Then 10 years. And finally, what are your Things, Financial, and Personal Development Goals for the next 20 years or less?

3. And finally, dedicate time each week in the year ahead to brings these goals into reality.

I hope you’ll set aside time to create plan for your future if you don’t have one already. It can be one of the most rewarding and beneficial things you’ll ever do. Have fun with it, but most importantly—make sure you just do it.