Take A Chance…What Do You Have To Lose?

I recently shared some thoughts with Shelter Magazine that were published in a March article about the tactics I believe a wholesale building products’ distributor could take to solidify the value they provide to their customers, to their suppliers, and to the market in general. Editor Samantha Carpenter focuses in on the variations from “the norm” that can become a focused set of initiatives within a distributor’s operating plan.

Response to the ideas I shared has been positive, for the most part–with only one former retailer expressing that the ideas are too far stretched and that they may collide with current retailer initiatives.

However, the majority of the feedback has been very supportive–from distributors and retailers alike. The supply chain CAN be improved, redundancies eliminated, and a new tier of service can be created to benefit the end-user.

If you’re a wholesaler, I invite you to read and decide for yourself whether adopting a greater interest in services and programs can and will be the initiative that drives you forward–onto new and better results.

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