Privileges and Responsibilities of Leadership

If you ever want to be reminded of the significance, responsibility, and opportunity possessed by those of you in leadership roles—consider for a moment the lives lead by our Founding Fathers—in their formerly “normal” positions and then being thrust toward the path of creating true greatness—for those around them, their towns and cities, and later for the country. My wife and I recently took an East Coast vacation including four days in Washington D.C. and a trip to Jamestown, VA–the birthplace of America. I have to tell you–the monuments, examples, and “living history” exhibits we observed were an awesome reminder to me of the responsibility each of us has to uphold, protect, build upon, and carry forward the beliefs and principles of our Founding Fathers. Specifically, how starting with the leadership of a few good men (and women)—amazing events can occur.

When standing in front of the likenesses of Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin and reviewing some of their founding beliefs expressedLincoln Memorial through their many writings captured forever in granite–one feels humbled by the enormity of their thinking and foresight. It’s at a time like this when one’s appreciation and understanding of the great risks and sacrifice these men made for the rest of us is brought clearly into focus.

It also shines a bright light on the responsibility that we now have.

All Americans have the opportunity, and yes–the responsibility, to continue to live and perpetuate these phenomenal beliefs. But perhaps it rests more squarely on the shoulders of those of us who are community and business leaders to help reaffirm these incredible ideas and principles and ensure they find their way into the daily aspects of living for all around us.

This is the greatest country on Earth. Our Founding Fathers envisioned and created a constitution and government that outlived them and will outlive us all. We can help ensure that the freedoms, rights, and privileges outlined by our predecessors are enjoyed and put to benefit in our communities for many years to come. And as leaders, it begins with acknowledging and sharing with others the greatness of America, leading by example, and using our voices to be the inspiration for those in our community.

How will you lead today?

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