Culture and Teamwork 1st – Then Everything Else Follows

A company can be good…but it wont’ be GREAT until people matter, teamwork, and culture mean as much as the product, the service, the innovation, or the EBITDA.  Phil LaBoon’s interview with Deidre Paknad hits every single point that I attempted to achieve while the general manager of a company. Read the full interview here (8-minute read).  These were some […]

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What They Have…”Not” How I Benefit

I learned so much when I stopped to read this vendor banner today at a manufacturer’s expo. I learned that this company has…….wait for it: “sales reps.” And they have…”customer support services” And that they’re here to “partner with me” on the phone, online, or in-person. Wow–I’m switching all my business over to them right away. Not. If we’re going […]

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