How Do You Stand Out?

Hot dogs. Do you know how to stand out and create “raving fans” when you run a hot dog shop? Or any other business? You do what I saw the other day at Hot Dogs of Santa Cruz in Roseville, CA.

I had 20 minutes to kill before an appointment and hadn’t had lunch so I stopped at this place (my wife’s going to frown on this), I’d never been before because…well–I was hungry and I love hot dogs.


The Greeting…The man greeting the customer before me (an older man) said cheerfully “Hello young man.” Then he greeted me (not that old), with “Hello young man.” Point? It stands out, was humorous, and memorable. How do you greet callers?


Friendliness and Humor…My order: “Two hot dogs with just mustard.”His reply: “One hog dog, extra jalapeños.”  The cash register total: $9.21  His reply:: “That’ll be $921 dollars.” When appropriate, how do you engage with your customer to bring a smile or lighten a routine exchange?


Service…He set my 1st hot dog the counter and said “We’ll bring your second one to you when you’re ready.” By the way (noticing my iPad), do you need WiFi?” It’s the small things that all add up to make a big difference.


Results…You can see in the photo that the place was packed and there was a line at the counter. And for me–I’m now a raving fan.


So if someone can do all this selling hot dogs…don’t you think you and I should put the same effort into our customer touches?

And by the way–he wasn’t selling hot dogs…he was selling me.