Changing Minds Before Changing Methods

The topics of lean building, factory-built, prefab, off-site construction, waste reduction, and methods to reduce labor are not only matters of “process” evolution–but more importantly–“thought” evolution.  We need as many storytellers in this space as we do entrepreneurs and captains of the category.  And best when they’re the same person (i.e. Gerry McCaughey).

And in our sales calls, presentations, and demonstrations to the craftsman and decision-makers that will be using our new products and technologies should incorporate “thought evolution” messaging to this end.  The “thinking” and the “doing” go hand-in-hand and in that order.

  1. We can start with empathizing with the current condition.  We shouldn’t take the approach of “your current way’s wrong and here’s why our product/system is better.”
  2. Have a collaborative discussion to identify the problem and more important–involve everyone in coming up with solutions. Some call this “ideation.”
  3. And then introduce your product/process/prototype and test it together.

There are some of the most courageous and innovative people in our industry putting forth better ways to build. We do better when we bring the industry along with us in a collaborative fashion.