Forget Commodities. I’m a “Specialty Supplier.” Right?

  When it comes to margins and serving customers who remain loyal to us due to the high-end products we provide—everyone knows the value of being a specialty products’ provider, right? And in addition, its our least loyal, price-shopping customers that make us often consider cutting out commodity products altogether. So what would be wrong with increasing our focus on […]

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Why Do Manufacturers Use Distribution? Really…why?

As you may have heard me say before, manufacturers choose to use distribution for 4 primary reasons: 1) The distributor’s knowledge of the market. 2) The execution of market and channel plans to get product to market thoroughly and efficiently. 3) Access to customers known by the distributor–where relationships flourish and penetration is deep. 4) The volume of business a distributor can deliver to a manufacturer. But let’s […]

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