Building Material Distributors & Dealers: What’s Your 5-Year Plan for Relevance?

If you and I have talked about the building materials industry before, then you’ve likely heard me describe the “path” between where products are manufactured and the buildings in which they’re installed.  This “path” represents a value chain and whoever owns the greatest part of it also owns the greatest potential for profit. So how do you “own it?”  Do […]

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Data-Driven Decisions

Featured Article   Data-Driven Decision Making: 10 Simple Steps For Any Business By Bernard Marr , FORBES CONTRIBUTOR I believe data should be at the heart of strategic decision making in businesses, whether they are huge multinationals or small family-run operations. Data can provide insights that help you answer your key business questions (such as ‘How can I improve customer satisfaction?’). Data […]

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The Big Miss

The goals and targets: Beating your competitor in the same market for the same customers under the same conditions. Executing successfully against a strategic initiative. Attracting great employees. Hitting the top line and bottom line numbers. Why do some “miss” on these while others hit it out of the park? Beating the Competition in the Battle for Customers Companies often plod ahead […]

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