ConAgra’s CEO on the Topics of Change and Innovation

Sean Connolly is the CEO of the company my wife works for…ConAgra. In this 3 minute interview with Fortune, he addresses the questions: 1. “Regarding change, how do you get everyone to stick with you as you’re trying new stuff?” Answer: “We let employees know we’re trying to build something that’s special, and everybody’s invited to participate in that. And […]

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What We Can Do

It happens. Acme buys Globex. Or Initech merges with Massive Dynamic.  And then you’ve got this huge company. Combined cultures, technology, and processes. So the integration work begins.  It’s incredibly difficult work but also incredibly rewarding as the new entity becomes more efficient, increases the shadow it casts in the industry, and paves the way to reward the owners or shareholders. […]

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