Why Do Manufacturers Use Distribution? Really…why?

As you may have heard me say before, manufacturers choose to use distribution for 4 primary reasons: 1) The distributor’s knowledge of the market. 2) The execution of market and channel plans to get product to market thoroughly and efficiently. 3) Access to customers known by the distributor–where relationships flourish and penetration is deep. 4) The volume of business a distributor can deliver to a manufacturer. But let’s […]

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Take A Chance…What Do You Have To Lose?

I recently shared some thoughts with Shelter Magazine that were published in a March article about the tactics I believe a wholesale building products’ distributor could take to solidify the value they provide to their customers, to their suppliers, and to the market in general. Editor Samantha Carpenter focuses in on the variations from “the norm” that can become a focused set of initiatives within […]

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Breaching The Threshold of Change

Key Ideas: Building products distribution can continue to evolve and prosper–ifit will find its new role in the channel. Distribution must be ready to extend itself either up or down the supply chain (offer more services to dealers and end-users, or source/manufacture products themselves). Distribution need not sell around their customers, but rather provide a tier of “fee” services as […]

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