Can You Look Around Corners?

Company sales reports look backwards.  P&L statements are a record of “what’s happened” up until now.  So how do you look around corners to predict the future?

In the early and mid-2000’s, I learned the answer to that question.  Chris Walton and Rob Olander.

Chris lead the company where we both worked–he as General Manager and I as sales manager from 2001-2003.  Chris’ financial skills as a CPA were awesome with a capital “A.”  He helped lead every department to develop new metrics that helped decrease losses, improve productivity & quality, and profitability…and then execute.

As he was promoted and moved up in the company–I was given the seat as G.M. and we all knew that for me to continue the high levels of success-BRIDGING THE GAPwe’d need a “best of class” financial person to continue our focus on the numbers and metrics and help me with “looking around corners.”

We found and hired Rob Olander to  do just that.  And Rob learned about the decisions the management team needed to make and developed measurements and reports that helped each department leader “look around corners” to anticipate what was coming in the future and how to adjust and execute in the present.

The point here is that the financial people within your business or company are the ones that can empower leaders of organizations with the information (and looks around corners) to do what’s needed and what’s right.

Collaborate with them.  Make sure they have a seat at the “table.”  And let them help you “look around corners.”

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