Jeff Wedge

7 Ways The Best Sales Reps Offer Value

Here’s a seven-week challenge.

Over the next seven weeks, pick one of these areas each week on which to focus  to sharpen your game.  And if you’re already an all-star–then any one or two of these…done just 5% better–could pay you back in a huge way.

1. RELATIONSHIPS.  Probably the number one things sales reps say they do best.  If that’s the case, how do you give “personal service” above and beyond? Can you improve your responsiveness to customers and their needs?  Being friends and having a good relationship is one thing.  Being a trusted adviser, being committed to serving them with speed and excellence is another.

2. MARKET KNOWLEDGE. How much time do you spend with your best customers keeping them informed about things happening in the market?  What their competitors are doing?  What new business opportunities are coming up?

Sales Rep 7 Areas of Value3. A FOCUS ON PROFIT. Do you spend time helping a customer see how they can make more profit or save more money?

4. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. How are you helping your customers get better?  What best practices are you sharing? What resources from your own company are you bringing in to visit with your customers to help them?

5. TRUE CONSULTANT.  Let your customer know you are her consultant.  And then bring workable ideas and solutions that can be implemented right away.

6. LEVERAGE SUPPLIERS.  Manufacturers have expertise and promotional budgets to be spent where they get the highest return.  Design “win-win” programs for both your customer and your supplier–and put programs together that suppliers can sponsor.

7. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.  Be a net-worker.  Put people together who have needs and can be of benefit to each other.  Be at the center of the circle for as many people as you can and you will win the day.

Stand out from the crowd.  Stand out for your customers.  And stand proud of what you can accomplish.

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